Working at The View  

Stylish, well-lit accommodation available now. Low cost per day, no commitment, no hassle just maximum flexibility. Disabled access, upto 20 meg Wi-fi, online booking facilities and a range of spaces on offer.  Perfect for quiet working or meeting clients.

Contact us or call in for a viewing.  Discounts available for longer bookings

Spaces available  

Are you interested in basing yourself at The View – we have a select range of spaces that can be fitted out for use.  We are looking at basic fit out for functional rather than luxurious.  The spaces will be comfort heated with electric power and wi-fi and access to a shared toilet facility.  We can offer highly competitive rates and flexible terms.

Contact us today for details on 01302 376837


Welcome to The View - the new centre for business in Doncaster.

The first phase of the The View is now open for flexible working and events. When The View is fully operational it will be in use every day and be available 24/7 to its core occupiers.

We aim to meet the long-standing demand for artists’ workspace, creative industries workspace as well as providing space for cultural organisations and social enterprises, The View will be a place where these diverse communities of interest can connect and create new opportunities, where digital designers can rub shoulders with fine artists; where designer makers can make and showcase their work; where photographers will be able to hire a studio and where a business can make a crucial presentation to a new client. We have lots of space to offer and are keen to invest in facilities that will be used, so whether you think we need specialist facilities or just great workspace come and let us know and help shape the future.